Q&A: Stephen Dorff on Being Dwarfed by Elle Fanning

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Stephen dorff height feet dating economic theory DeMented, and Space Truckers. He was raised in Los Angeles where his father worked. From his childhood he was interested in acting and started acting in commercials for Kraft and Mattel.

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Twitter For an actor who reeks of rock-star charisma, Stephen Dorff has spent a lot of his time in roles that disguise it. as a transsexual I Shot Andy Warhol , a vampire Blade , and the stereotypical psycho indie filmmaker Cecil B. Rarely have audiences gotten to see him stripped down, unplugged, and utterly acoustic—until now. Then again, one of the keys to a great performance is to make it seem effortless despite all the hard work.

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Is the difference really that noticeable for a guy around 170-171. I'm around Ali's height myself and never feel like I have to look that much down on guys around Dorff's height. Showed Dorff to be under 5 feet. OK not really, but hardly 5'7.

As It Lays - Stephen Dorff

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