Bulgaria - avoid, avoid, avoid !

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How bad is bulgaria ivy tech bloomington lifelong learning There are crooks everywhere. There are many thieves in Bulgaria. My how bad is bulgaria house in Trankovo was broken into twice and things like my boiler, shower head and sink taps were stolen. My car was broken into twice in Bulgaria.

Here are some of the main points that foreigners often get wrong about Bulgarians — and what the truth behind them really is. Even if you try to use the universal language of signs, mimics and hand gestures, you might end up in a huge misunderstanding over one tiny detail. It usually goes along with the dream of fast cars, high-end mansions, and endless parties, which you can see in the videos of chalga songs. The lyrics of the songs cover topics such as love, betrayal, revenge, rivalry for the heart of a man, etc. The food not being served together to all the people on the table If you dip into the TripAdvisor reviews of Bulgarian restaurants, you will see that even the highest-rated food venues have comments complaining about the different time that food arrives at the table.

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We wanted to check out Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. In addition, as we dream of buying a small seaside holiday apartment at some point, we wanted to look into that. Bulgaria is supposed to mean great fun, excellent beaches, good food, cheap prices, and also good investments. Here are some highlights from our trip. 1 At one point during the flight, I realized that someone had just been smoking in the toilet and there was a horrible smell. I kindly pointed this out to the hostess.

Things I CAN'T get used to in Bulgaria...

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