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Hercules songs disney seeing the person you love with someone else July 18, 2018 1. Thanks to them, a lot of moments that could have just felt like boring exposition become some of the movie's most showstopping numbers. They ensure that the movie feels hercules songs disney, and that's something that a lot of other movies forget to keep in mind.

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With more than 50 movies in the Disney feature-animation canon so no Pixar , there are plenty of Disney songs to sift through, some of which are quite terrible. This list will look at 15 of those songs that are best left forgotten, ranked from least awful to most awful. Listen to them below at your own peril. Though this film, from the directors of Aladdin, has a Genie-like character in the form of the nefarious Hades, our hero also has a wacky comic-relief friend, his coach Phil. The idea for this song might have worked if Hercules came earlier in the Renaissance, but the song feels like an also-ran.

I Can Go The Distance - Hercules Lyrics

hercules songs lyrics

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hercules songs lyrics

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