One million years of glaciation and denudation history in west Greenland

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Cosmogenic dating in greenland google chromecast ultra Hide Figure 4. Lake near western Greenland Ice Sheet margin in 1964 and 1985. The photographs illustrate how some lakes can receive glacier rock flour during the maximum phase of a glacier http://8cd.me/seks-znakomstva-v-cheboksarah/wanda-hutchins-net-worth.php.

The project aims to establish the Late Quaternary history of the western sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet GIS by using cosmogenic radionuclide exposure ages to test competing hypotheses of ice sheet dimension and deglacial history. The work forms part of a wider programme of research concerned with reconstructing the Late Quaternary history of the Greenland Ice Sheet which has, thus far, been mainly based on using conventional relative sea-level data and radiocarbon dating techniques for resolving deglacial chronologies, but which has recently been improved through the successful application of cosmogenic radionuclide dating of deglaciated terrain Rinterknecht et al. The underlying rationale for this research is to determine if recent observed changes to the mass balance of the GIS are part of a natural variability in ice sheet dynamics, or if they are a response to recent, potentially anthropogenically-induced, climate warming.

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