Jada Pinkett Smith Recalls 'Betrayals Of The Heart' In Marriage To Will Smith

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Will smith wife jada pinkett zoella beauty twitter The power couple has proven that they're a force to be reckoned with, navigating ups and downs ranging from creative collaborations to hurtful rumors — not to mention some truly questionable fashion choices in the 90s. While Will and Jada may sometimes come off will smith wife jada pinkett a bit unconventionalthe couple doesn't shy away from honesty when it comes to their marriage, and they remain an indestructible team 21 years after they first said "I do. She didn't get the role because the casting crewing thought she was too short — Will is will smith wife jada pinkett and she's smifh. Will and Zampino were separated at the time, and Jada later confessed that she wishes she hadn't started dating Will until the divorce was finalized.

May 7, 2019 Alberto E. As one of Hollywood's most iconic power couples, the Smiths have celebrated multiple award wins, raised three kids, and jumped out of a plane —together. Smith and his wife walked down the aisle in 1997, and have been going strong ever since. Though the two have never shied away from discussing the ups and downs of their relationship , their 21-year marriage is a testament to how they've managed to weather every storm, despite being in the public eye.

Will Smith Reveals He and Jada Pinkett Smith Once Broke Up

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