What the Hell Happened to Christian Slater?

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What is actor christian slater doing now muddy matches search But you know what you won't be seeing much of? Stories like that about his co-star, Christian Slater. So, just what went wrong with that guy? For those under the age of 30, it might be hard to dolng, but once upon a time, Slater wasn't just hot, he was actually expected by many to become an international superstar.

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Over his career, Slater has sure earned his reputation as a "bad boy" a term he uses , from his on-screen roles in "Heathers" and "True Romance" to his past, off-screen troubles that, kind of surprisingly, the now 44-year-old Slater does not shy away from discussing. The Slater I met with at a Soho hotel in Manhattan seemed humble. He's an actor who knows he's made some mistakes and knows that a stigma still lingers , but who also knows how important it is for him to be co-starring in a Lars von Trier movie. Oh, yes, that controversial Lars von Trier movie. In "Nymphomaniac" which has been divided into two separate films for theatrical release , Slater plays the father of a woman named Joe Charlotte Gainsbourg , whose sexual evolution is told in flashback -- detailing her sexual origin from youth until her experiences as a mature woman.

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Robot's' Christian Slater answers a few questions. Robot and where his relationship with Elliot may be headed. In Season 2, Mr. Robot is much darker and antagonistic. Going from Season 1 to Season 2, my interpretation is that Mr.

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He also talked about the relevance of his TV series Mr. Robot , which will be heading into its fourth and possibly last season, and having no idea where things are going next with the storytelling. I thought it was such an interesting story, and it really gives you a lot to think about, as far as who might be behind the voices and artists that actually receive the attention.

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Robot, it almost felt like a programming conspiracy to keep 2016 as the summer of Heathers 2. Luckily, Slater, now 47, does not disappoint in the intriguing marital details department. The risk was too great. Christian Slater, provocateur.