How Did Wells Adams & Sarah Hyland Meet? It's Honestly So Relatable

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Wells and sarah how did they meet tyra banks son photos 2017 After coordinating Halloween costumes with Sarah Hyland, everyone wants to know the backstory behind the probable couple. How did Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland meet? He lives in Nashville and she lives in Los Angeles, so it's not likely that they just ran into each other at a coffee shop.

wells adams and sarah

Radio-DJ boy goes on a national television show to try to destroy 30 other men for the heart of one woman and fails. Celebrity actress watches the show and low-key becomes obsessed with boy. Boy and girl connect on social media through playful banter, and then reveal themselves as a couple by dressing up as characters from Stranger Things for Halloween.

How Did Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Meet? This Random Pair Were Fans Of Each Other First

wells and sarah engaged

Yes, it's true. They've since taken their flirtation offline, of course, but Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams' relationship timeline proves how social media first paved the way for their meet-cute romance. They were fans of one another long before they met, though, which is very clearly evidenced by several very telling tweets. Hyland, however, was all about the Bachelorette back in 2012, and regularly live-tweeted the reality competition's weekly episodes. Some of her comments made fans wonder if she was crushing on the contestants , but the actor insisted that she was just a fan.

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sarah hyland and wells adams

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