WhatsApp vs WeChat: The Debate

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Wechat chinese app application to date my niece And its founder says that had the app been created or treated like an ordinary communication tool, it would have not been as successful as it is. If the wechat chinese app messaging and social media app had been wechat chinese app merely as a communication tool, its capability would have been limited, he said. As the head of QQ Mail Mobile at the time, Zhang in 2010 led a team of 10 developers to create the first version of WeChat in less than 70 days. WeChat last September reached an important milestone by achieving 1 billion active users.

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But it offers so much more than messaging, allowing its users to do everything from payments to the ability to book flights and hotels. One key feature it has is called "mini-programs" which are apps within WeChat. A WeChat messaging app logo is seen on an smartphone. But it's unlikely that you would have used it if you live outside China. It is owned by Tencent , one of Asia's largest companies by market cap.

15 Things You Didn't Know About WECHAT

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Australian Military Bans Chinese WeChat App

WeChat, Made-in-China Messaging App Grows in Popularity

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