Log Shipping vs Replication

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Transactional replication vs log shipping antiland app gone By. Brady Upton High availability options are becoming more and more popular with the increase of critical transactional replication vs log shipping systems and SQL Servers. The transaction log is one of the most important aspects of database mirroring, replication, and obviously log shipping. Database Mirroring - When a DML statement is executed against the primary database, mirroring needs to create this exact trwnsactional statement on the mirrored database as quickly as possible.

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This also creates some overhead. Usually to implement replication you plan it out--you don't just add it to an existing application. Is this not true? I think I see your point about Transactional Replication. Are you saying it would be good for reporting but if the database is not explicitly designed for this it is likely to not work for a failover and if so is there a type of Replication that would?

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what is the different between log shipping and replication

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