Shin Yami no Koe - Kaidan: Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The Soichi Front

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The soichi front manga relationships then vs now It seems a lot of the love and originality put into horror has been lost, with some exceptions. What if I told you this person could thd you the soichi front manga of spirals, fish, or even someone just apologizing to you? Who is Junji Ito? Warning. The following contains some horrifying art and descriptions of body horror, monsters, and yes, fish.

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Considering most of Ito's work being short stories and the previous part being an anthology of those, I wasn't expecting much of continuity, but it turned out, that the very first segment of the book was in fact a direct sequel to the "Haunted House"-segment of the previous book. Unfortunately, I may add, because while the story in the previous volume had a bit of an anti-climactic-fan-service kind of ending, I was still satisfied with it, this first segment, however left me completely disappointed in almost every aspect other than some good art, of course. Knowing the story from the previous book, there is no mystery to be cleared up and even for a going-in-blind reader, everything is probably happening way too fast to get immersed into... In it Soichi is trying to prove to his family, that he is not an animal-abusing soon-to-be psychopath by bonding with the family's new cat ultimately resulting in some enjoyable and quite funny twists. With the third segment Ito moves into mystery and ghost-story territory again; "In the Valley of the Mirrors" tells the story of a mysterious abandoned village, that was once inhabited by 2 feuding halves, that for some reason ended up setting up mirrors all around their village; it's another example of Ito's interesting spins on ghost mystery stories...

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