“If she’s worth it, she’s worth it.”

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Shes worth it meaning win a date with a celebrity Far too often in the dating world, men begin dating what they think to be a very nice girl, but before sooner or later, he finds out she's quite the opposite. Whether she turns out crazy, mean, depressing, needy or all-around psychotic, he could have avoided this predicament by using the checklist below. If you're interested in a girl and aren't sure whether shes worth it meaning girlfriend material, use the list below to check worty these "keeper" qualities and make sure she's worth it. Either it means that they go everywhere together, or they can't go anywhere without each shes worth it meaning.

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Men would agree that women are hard to understand at times or maybe even all the time. Women can be anything from sassy, to emotional, to caring, to contradictory, to logical, to devoted, to uninterested and everything in-between. Some women are more complicated than others.

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