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Royal enfield group in gurgaon blom bank wedding account But the famous 1,800 kms of round trip is by no royal enfield group in gurgaon for inexperienced bikers — most parts of the roads are at an altitude of 13,000 feet and above, and you need to take care of rough road conditions and the weather. Royal Enfield, Road Trips So what about the not-so-adventurous bikers? Most of them can be covered on a weekend. Holidify brings to you some of the best road trips from Delhi you can take using your motorcycle. Garh Mukteshwar, 110 km from New Delhi Gangetic Dolphins at Garhmukteshwar At just about 110 km from Delhithis royal enfield group in gurgaon the closest point where you can take a bath in the holy Ganges.

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The British Royal Enfield company closed in the early 1970s but the India company, being independent and quite popular, continued producing bikes under the brand name and now sell them in over twenty countries. This past May, Royal Enfield introduced an evolution to its logo and new identity designed by Gurgaon, India-based Codesign. One of the areas that needed a deeper understanding at the commencement of visual identity, was the quality and character of craftsmanship that the brand genuinely owned.

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royal enfield himalayan club

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Royal Enfield Delhi Ride to Smaash Gurugram

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