1964 Race Riots Hit Rochester, New York

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Rochester ny population by race free table or vacant table The riots, which took place during the apex of American liberalism and in the very same month as the passing of the Civil Rights Actwere among the first of the urban uprisings that swept the United States in the 1960s. In the seven years that followed, over 750 riots took place. From the rochester ny population by race through the 1960s thousands of African Americans had moved to Rochester in search of better-paying industrial jobs and to escape the racist and poverty-stricken South, part continue reading a massive migration of the rural population, both black and white, out of the South to the industrial cities of the North and the West.

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Census did not start counting Hispanic population until 1970. Projections Just over three-quarters of the population in Monroe County today, or 76 percent, is white. That is projected to drop to 73 percent by 2020, 67 percent by 2040 and 58 percent by 2060.

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