Poets In Autumn 2016 - Conviction "Group Piece"

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Poets in autumn 2016 conviction vintage hiwatt restorations Furthermore, Spoken Word poets in autumn 2016 conviction in various forms and for the purpose of evangelization and the winning of souls via each captivating performance, it has given ministers and artists another medium to change lives with art. These four artists have very different backgrounds and have been through trials and tribulations but are brought together by one purpose which is greater than anything poets in autumn 2016 conviction have ever known. That purpose is to be used totally and fully by the greatest artist, the Most High. Poet Ezekiel Azonwu Ezekiel Azonwu — photo — clothandglory.

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Our trials tend to force us, like pushy but invaluable friends, to learn hands-on what it is to live in the grace of the moment. This happens as we first learn to live in the reality of the eternal, for it's an ever-present awareness of eternity that liberates us to receive every present moment with thankfulness and live it to the fullest, without setting up false expectations for it or worrying about the next. When we are convinced that our life is hidden with Christ and He alone is the Prize, that this world is not our home and we are simply on assignment here, and that our pain and failures are only temporary but, with His redemption, the beauty and wisdom to be gained from them are eternal, we are set free from living in the regret of yesterday or in the fear of tomorrow.

The Fall - Preston Perry & Jackie Hill Perry - RHETORIC 2014

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