10 reasons to date, marry or try not to avoid a Kenyan woman!

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Marrying a kenyan woman speed dating carmel indiana In fact, nearly all the Kenyan women desire to marry white men. While they believe there are all kinds of cultural and linguistic differences that can complicate the relationship, there marrying a kenyan woman good reasons why Kenyan women have chosen white men over Kenyan men. To them, marrying someone of a different nationality is more worthwhile than getting into the hands of Kenyan men who are nothing to write home about in terms of relationship ethics.

So here is a list of things you should not accept from your woman. Flirting with another man on social media Rule number one. A woman who flirts with other men will never make a good partner. If you are married to her, or even just dating — something is completely wrong. That man she is flirting with is a plane ticket away from sleeping with her. Stand up, flex your muscles and cancel that ticket.

Mshamba Marekani-Why Many Kenyan Men are Marrying American women and not Kenyan Women

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Why are women now waiting longer before getting married? But in truth, the men are the problem. Ian Isherwood has shared a check-list of nine key qualities every man should have to attract this type of woman. While most men have quietly continued being men, women are now smarter, wiser and tired of being treated like a second choice. They have their own mind and can think for themselves.


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In fact, of the women from the 42 ethnic communities, no other tribe gets as much flak as them. Things seem so bad that some parents, including fellow Kikuyus, warn their sons against marrying these women. But why exactly are Kikuyu women so heavily stereotyped? Could this be the reason why most Kenyan men date but fear marrying them?