Former 'Running Man' member Gary gets secretly married

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Kang gary and his wife how to act after sex Kang Gary was close to only one person in Running Man, Haha. Let us look back in some of his badass moments. The two were so awkward but it was Ji Hyo who decided to talk first and asked Kang Gary when kang gary and his wife plans to get married. It was a joke, of course.

kang gary wedding

Honestly, I thought it would be easy to simultaneously do both but it's not laugh. A lot of people think you secluded yourself after leaving 'Running Man', getting married, and having a baby. I thought I have given my farewell enough and I thought the public will also think that way. Also, when I decided to leave 'Running Man', I clearly expressed my thoughts to the members and they well respected my opinion.

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Kang Gary ft. Wife Guam United States

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