Why So Many New Yorkers Are Moving To Philadelphia

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Is philadelphia a suburb of new york weather bellandur bengaluru karnataka Christopher used to live in Chelsea o work in Hoboken before migrating to Philadelphia, where he rented an apartment for half the price and watched his business blossom at Bok, a full-square-block complex that bustles with all manner of commercial enterprises, among them letterpressers and photographers, a hatmaker and a boxing school. Prospective tenants from New York are calling about moving into the retrofitted school, according to is philadelphia a suburb of new york leasing manager. And the Italian sportswear company Diadora recently signed a contract to relocate its North American headquarters there from Midtown Manhattan. Christopher said.

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Print Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! But on September 2, 2010, as I sat in my crappy 1,100-square-foot hovel in Brooklyn—where neighborhood gangs regularly tagged my fence and chucked 40s into my yard—I laughed until I peed. And then I lay down on the floor and cried. Things were possible then.

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Top 10 worst neighborhoods in New York City. #1 was on HBO once.

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