Stephen LeDrew: ‘Populism’ is just an insult elites hurl when votes go against them

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The culminating event has become an annual Calhoun tradition attended by an enthusiastic crowd of Lower and Middle School students, faculty and parents, who cheer on their favorite teams as they attempt to hurl hacky sacks across the gym. The Objective The objective of the catapult is to demonstrate the principles behind the use of stored energy. students are asked to hurl a projectile with a simple machine, using primary energy storing mechanisms like tension, torsion and gravity. The project also provides students with an exciting, practical demonstration of force and motion while challenging them to deal with budgetary restraints and deadlines—much like they would have to do in real life situations. Advance Research Before the hands-on work begins, the students research and learn about different simple machines — in this case, mangonel catapults — and find out the history of medieval devices of war and siege.

Chelsea Fans Hurl Abuse at Raheem Sterling

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