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Fox news 10 phoenix morning show unreal wiki episodes Before becoming a meteorologist, McCloskey acted, recorded jingles for national commercials, and modeled in New York City — all which helped him define his true passions and acted as stepping-stones for his goofy and loveable brand. Last month he was faced with a tricky situation on live TV, which then became an Internet sensation with a viral video attached. Quick on his feet, Cory rolled with the error and the result fox news 10 phoenix morning show a YouTube video seen throughout the country. Naturally, this pole-vaulted McCloskey into the public eye, thus leading to an abundance phkenix exposure for this charismatic weatherman.

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The 56-year-old Mesa resident is currently the morning show anchor, where you can watch him Monday through Friday from 4.30-10 a. Read on for where his passion comes from, and keep scrolling for a video of five of his favorite things about living in the Valley. What brought you to Arizona? When I was in about 6th grade living in Wenatchee, Washington, the apple capital of the work, my very first job was picking apples. I was listening to a broadcast of the Seattle Supersonics one cold, miserable day up there, and the announcer was talking about what a beautiful day it was in Phoenix, since the Supersonics were playing the Phoenix Suns.

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