Canada’s Moscovitch announces retirement from competitive figure skating

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Dylan moscovitch and lubov iliushechkina 2018 firefox stop update download They came fifth at the 2010 Canadian Championshipsand thus did not qualify for the Canadian teams for the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 World Championships. In their debut at the dylan moscovitch and lubov iliushechkina 2018 World Championshipsthey placed eighth. At the 2012 Canadian Iluishechkina they placed third in the short program and fourth in the free skate, finishing off the podium in fourth despite being the defending champions.

The scoring had the two teams practically tied, but that result likely had many fans giving the judges some side-eye. Still, the scoring kind of made the statement that the other teams were preferred. They have improved tremendously when they were not really expected to break through. The fact they were able to use those opportunities to their advantage can not be downplayed in how much they have improved, and in how their confidence as a team has skyrocketed. Had Kirsten and Michael stayed with the Wirtzes, they'd be toast -- their partnership done and over.

Liubov Ilyushechkina / Dylan Moscovitch. World 2017, FS 6

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