Top 10 WWE female superstars of 2018

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Divas wwe 2018 lana lang dc comics One of the top reasons wrestling fans have ravenously followed the organization is the WWE Divas division. The evolution of women in the wrestling ring has undergone some radical changes, but no matter the transformation, the Divas have continually delivered one promise — pure divas wwe 2018. So what happens to our favorite Divas when they exit the WWE? This list dives in to take a look at what some of the most desirable, daring and dastardly Divas have been up divas wwe 2018 since stepping out of the ring.

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Naomi in one of her trademark WWE entrances. The goal of any WWE superstar is to stand out. And Naomi certainly does that, with an exciting in-ring style coupled with one of the most visually eye-catching entrances see photo above.

WWE RAW 07/01/2008│WWE Divas Lingerie Pillow Fight

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There was a time when female wrestlers did not exist. But today, WWE Divas enjoy amazing success in the field. In the past years, women have worked in various onscreen roles in the popular American professional wrestling promotion called WWE.

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Paige reveals the SmackDown Women's Survivor Series Team: SmackDown LIVE, Nov. 6, 2018

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