10 pieces of advice for foreigners: How to cope with the people from MONTENEGRO

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Dating a montenegrin cherry blossoms tattoo black and white And Why You Should! Located in the Balkans, Montenegro is known for a few things — part of former Yugoslavia, beautiful beaches, great mountainous dating a montenegrin and stunning girls. It daging one of the small, yet modern and beautiful gems of the Balkans. Sure, you can still spend some quality time on a local beach or explore the surroundings, but you will be amazed by the girls wherever you look. But then, how hard is dating a montenegrin to actually get along with one?


Traffic - Montenegrin people despise traffic rules. Drivers like to pass the red light, they park where they want, and they just love racing with other drivers. You will be surprised to see many of them holding a cellphone or a cigarette while driving at the same time. Police are doing nothing and the only thing you can do is to relax and accept this state of chaos.

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The mountainous nation of Montenegro might have less than a million people living within its borders, but those 622,781 individuals have plenty of quirky traits that make the place truly special. Modern Montenegro is a product of its history and interactions with its neighbours, all of which comes together to create something truly unique. Rest first, work later Every Balkan nation comes with its own stereotype, and the Montenegrin one may just be the most famous of them all. The Montenegrins have a very relaxed attitude towards life, choosing to relax first and deal with whatever needs to be done at a later date.

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