Christian Bale Is Esquire's January Cover Star

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Christian bale family photos sugar baby meaning in telugu Thanks for watching! Only 13 years old at the time, Bale found all of the attention unnerving; he was known to excuse himself from an interview to go to the bathroom christian bale family photos then simply leave the building. A few years later, Bale found himself in the musical Newsies 1992. He had signed on to the project about young people who sold newspapers on the street—called newsboys— before the musical numbers were added. A box-office dud, the project ended up as one of the lowest-grossing films ever made by Walt Disney Pictures.

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But in private, the star of this month's biblical epic Exodus. Gods And Kings is relaxed, convivial and, yes, funny. Because who says Bruce Wayne can't be the Joker, too? Its famous director certainly hasn't welched on duties in the biblical epic department. against some competition, it's his most expensive film.

Christian Bale Surprised When Asked If He'll Play Batman Role Again Upon Arrival At LAX

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