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Carcavelos beach hotels canada census 1921 saskatchewan Surrounding Cascais is a wonderful selection of varied beaches, which range from calm and family friendly through to wild surfing carcavelos beach hotels. This article will provide an introduction to the beaches of Estoril. Visitors new to Estoril are always surprised by the cool sea temperatures, which only reach 21C in the height summer.

riviera hotel carcavelos

Carcavelos beach is renowned for its reliable surf, soft golden sands and great tourist facilities, but expect it to be busy at the weekends, especially during the summer season. Carcavelos is fantastic for a relaxing beach day, of basking under the glorious sun and splashing around in the cold sea, and the area attracts an equal mix of Portuguese and foreign tourists. Praia de Carcavelos is the ideal choice of beach for visitors who are new to Lisbon, as it is easy to travel to and is equally suited for families, young couples or the more mature tourist. This guide will provide an overview of Carcavelos beach, travel information and details of tourist facilities.

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riviera hotel carcavelos

Riviera Hotel Carcavelos

Hotel Praia Mar - Portugalia

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