Brothers Bar & Grill, Indianapolis

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Broad ripple restaurants with outdoor seating amazon disc on demand Get more Spoon in your feed. That email doesn't look right. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier Broad Ripple Village is one of central Indiana's most popular foodie hotspots.

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That's a self-reference to his status as a resident and business owner in the artsy, hip section of Indianapolis known as Broad Ripple. This midtown part of the Indiana capital is where to head for tons of funky and fabulous restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, clothing stores and more. Part of that is due to the proximity to Butler University and part of it is the hip atmosphere fostered by all the bars and restaurants. It's young and hip and vibrant at night and more laid-back and hippie-ish during the day," Harms says. Many of the restaurants along the Central Canal and the White River offer outdoor seating.

How to Get Discounts at Restaurants in Broad Ripple

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New restaurant in south Broad Ripple not welcomed by all neighbors

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