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Ever since then, much has been written and analysed about the magical land that thrives on quality of life and love of nature over materialistic wealth. So I ventured forth to the world's "Last Shangri-La" in end-August to see if the people there are truly happy. Of course, not everyone is. There are neighbouring political tensions and low standards of living.

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Real Weddings 'I went to Bhutan on a holiday and ended up marrying my guide' Born in Australia and raised in Singapore, former editor Karen Lim shares how she came to fall in love while holidaying in the kingdom of Bhutan, and eventually married her Bhutanese tour guide. Or is it because people rarely find love overseas and to have that love sustain over long distance, and also culminating into a marriage? Since I've been in Bhutan, I've come to know of stories of couples who fell in love while one of them was a guide and the other a tourist.

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It is compulsory for all Bhutanese to wear national dress in schools, government offices and on formal occasions. Men, women and children wear traditional clothing made from Bhutanese textiles in a variety of colourful patterns. Men wear a gho, a long robe similar to the Tibetan chuba.