21 Awkward Date Stories That Will Make You Want to Hide Forever

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Awkward first date stories reddit latin american news magazines I've been in a very happy relationship during the entire time it's been in operation, so I've had no reason to use it; also, it seems very high-pressure and that terrifies me. That said, though, it awkward first date stories reddit seem to leave its users with rreddit tales to tell — as evinced in this AskReddit thread about the worst and weirdest Tinder dates anyone has ever had. Because there's really nothing like a bad date story, is there? I'll be honest. The thread as a whole isn't quite as interesting as I was hoping it would be.

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People on Reddit complain that dating on keto is challenging, because of the diet's strict rules about what you can and can't eat. One Reddit user says his keto diet ruined his date. The high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet is all the rage these days, with devotees like Vinny Guadagnino touting it as a great way to lose weight. But dropping those pounds may come at a price; according to several Reddit users, following the keto diet could set you up for some pretttty awkward dates.

Insanely Awkward Dates at Restaurants (r/AskReddit)

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From Reddit . I went on a date with this guy. After dinner we went back to his apartment to hang out. I went to the bathroom and when I came back out he was masturbating on the couch. Not much you can do about that one. Talked a lot about his time in the air force but not in any weird, obsessive way.

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Worst First Dates

First Kiss (r/AskReddit)

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This week, waiters have been taking to user-generated news site Reddit to share their stories about the worst date they ever witnessed at work. As you might expect, they range from the toe-curlingly awkward to jaw-on-floor shocking. Every time I walked over, he would always be the one talking, and she would just be sitting there not having a good time.